Design Services


Do you need expert advice on what to plant and where, or do you just want to know what is in your garden and how to maintain it? Are you considering making changes to your ornamental, edible or indoor gardens and want to ask a pro?

  • We will walk through your yard with you and discuss your vision, desires and challenges.
  • You receive customized design solutions and on-the-spot advice for those challenging areas.
  • We can recommend the right plants and provide a quick sketch to help you succeed


Choosing plants that will thrive in your unique site conditions and complement each other as well as your home can be a real challenge. Ensuring that their maintenance needs are within your capabilities and time restraints can be an even larger hurdle. Having a well-crafted plan can be a valuable time and money saver.

Our designers will work with your needs and interests to develop a scaled landscape or garden plan that complements your home and reflects your style.

You will receive a scaled design, a complete list of plants, and a quote from our Garden Centre. Our designer will work closely with you to help you through your garden transformation.

Contact our design services team and get started on your own garden transformation.